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40,000 spectators over 3 days & a packed Powerlifting stadium made the 2014 Australian Raw Championships surely the greatest event ever in Australian Powerlifting history. With the Pacific Invitational international event on Day 2, 7 World Records & an uncountable number of Australian Records were broken.

The absolute standout was Ray Williams (USA) who shattered the all-time World Record Squat with 410kg. taking Blaine Sumner's then epoch-making 400kg from this meet 2 years ago. A long way from home and shaky in the warmup room, Ray came through when it counted, missing & then getting a deep 410 = 900lbs. There followed a 240kg. Bench & 320kg. Deadlift & the result was a new Total World Record of 970kg. Another titan, Jeza Uepa of Nauru, was not far away from Ray with 930kg. & even attempted what would have been short-lived Squat World Record of 401kg. Back in 3rd place, Brad Gillingham was ailing via a hip injury but was still able to set World Masters I (40 years+) records.

Amongst the Australians, Florian Loock was up with the elite & set a world Record 220.5kg in the 105kg. class Bench Press. Florian thus became only the second current Australian World Record

holder, the other WR man, Nghiep Luu, this time dropping the 273kg. necessary for another Record. However the best Australian male lifter was Stephen Pritchard, trimmed down frlom Superheavyweight to 120kg. & coming through with World Masters Records of 315kg. Squat & 835kg Total. Not far behind the veteran was the face of the future, Junior Cameron McKenzie, whose 813kg. Total included a World Junior Record Deadlift of 340kg.

Australia’s Women lifters held their own too. Revelatory was Elizabeth Craven, improving all the way up to 350.5kg. in the 52kg. Class. New Champions emerged at 84kg. via Chleo Van Wyk and a 458kg. Total, 72kg. where Kelli Clarke, svelte at 66kg., totalled no less than 408.5kg and down at 47kg. with Priscilla Smoot and 267.5kg. An honourable mention must go to Jessica Gilbert, with 456.5kg Total for runner-up in a high-standard 84kg. class.

When it was all tally’d up the best international lifter was Ray Williams, way out there with 528 Wilks points. Best Australian Male Lifter was Stephen Pritchard 480 points & Best Female Elizabeth Craven 444 points. Best Club Men was Melbourne University & Best Club Women was The Craven Family from ACT.




Three Australians trekked to Columbus Ohio for the USA’s largest multi-sport event, the Arnold Sports Festival. There Amir Fazeli starred with 672.5kg. Total & second place in the 83kg. class. Amir completed an Australian Record 307.5kg. Deadlift & even got 313kg. Word Record going in front of a packed house.

Also performing heroics in the Deadlift, 120kg. Junior Cameron McKenzie lifted 335kg. in the Pro Deadlift Challenge. Then in the Pro Bench Press Equipped Super Heavyweight Nathan Baxter took out third with an outstanding Australian Record 332.5kg. But that was not enough for Nathan & he followed up followed up in the Raw Bench event with 220kg. & then a Raw Total of 765kg. in a unique treble.



461 lifters, five days & 20 World Records was the score after one of the largest meets in Powerlifting history was held in Auckland, New Zealand December 4 −8. There a combined Oceania & Commonwealth Championships was held for the first time, with teams from five continents contesting a seemingly endless number of titles.

The outstanding Australians were Nghiep Luu, setting a World Deadlift Record of 272.5kg. at 66kg. & Elizabeth Craven, who took over at the top of the Australian rankings with 335kg. in the 52kg. class. The absolute top performances though came from two USA guests, Kimberly Walford setting 72kg. class World Records with 232.5kg. Deadlift & 500kg.Total & Mike Tuscherer blasted out all-time great performances with World Records in the Deadlift 371kg. & Total 916.5kg. at 120kg. bodyweight.

In the team scores Australia came out on top in the Womens , but the rise of Pacific super-power Nauru saw us relegated to 3rd. in the Mens’ Teams. 2014 may see the tables turned though, as the Oceania Championships will be held right here in Melbourne next December.

Full results HERE




April 4 −6 will mark another milestone for Powerlifting Australia, as we will be showcased for 3 complete days at The Australian Fitness & Health Expo, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest Fitness show!

The full Australian Raw Powerlifting Championships will be held on the Australian Fitness & Health Expo main stage, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, in front of of the 30,000-plus fitness fans who pour into the expo each year. For the first time The Australian Fitness & Health Expo and it’s co-locating FILEX Convention will be held in Melbourne, at that city’s premiere event facility, the Convention & Exhibition Centre and PA’s top 200 lifters will be a highlight of the entire show.

Once again the international Pacific Invitational will be held with the Nationals, with Saturday afternoon prime time reserved for the Strongest Men & Women in the World to tackle all-time Records. Already confirmed are both current World Superheavyweight World Champions, Brad Gillingham (USA) & Sonia Manaena (NZ). Brad will be challenged by Pacific Sensation Jeza (401kg.Squat at the Nauru Championships) & both will have to deal with many more world-class lifters to come.

Details on entry, accommodation & Australian Fitness & Health Expo tickets soon.

Go to www.fitnessexpo.com.au for details. Member enquiries to rwilks@powerliftingaustralia.com


Brad Gillingham

Sonia Manaena



The World’s leading supplier of Powerlifting equipment, Eleiko Sport of Sweden, has appointed a new exclusive distributor in Australia — Leisure Concepts Australia Pty. Ltd. Leisure Concepts is quality supplier to the fitness industry & has now partnered with PA to develop Powerlifting Australia-wide.

More details HERE






A historic event took place in the world of Powerlifting on September 8-14 -- China hosted their first ever Powerlifting World Championship. This was the IBSA Blind World Powerlifting Championships, held in the capital city of Beijing.

Phil Menzie and Lepeka "Peks" Nanai, represented Australia, with impressive results. Phil an M1 athlete, won his age and weight division with 442.5kg. and finished 5th in the Open 75kg division.

Defending World Champion Peks demoralized his opposition and finished as World Champion for the second year in a row in the Open 125kg. class. Peks, truly a crowd favourite, Bench Pressed a spectacular World Record of 200kgs and finished with a World Record Total of 725kgs.

Now Australian Blind Powerlifters look forward to gearing up for their next milestone, the multi-sport Blind World Games in 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. There Peks will be chasing 3 World titles in a row and will lead our growing band of Blind lifters.

Results – click here





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